Sunday, June 1, 2014

Make Money With ClickBank - Without a Website!

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing websites on the internet these days. With ClickBank you can make money online if you don’t have a product of your own to promote; basically you choose other people’s products to sell and you receive a portion of the profits which average from 10-75%.

ClickBank is an easy way to start making money online because it requires no upfront investment on your part. There is a large array of products to promote, and you can also experiment to find out the niches that are the most profitable and which ones will make you the most sales.

ClickBank affiliate accounts are free, and once you have gotten yours you will need to view the different product options you have to promote to your audience.

Now you can promote any product you choose without having a website or a blog that you own, and what you will need to do is get a free web page from Squidoo. Check out the separate blog entry for a different approach to making money with Squidoo.

How it Works

ClickBank gives you a special link (known as a hoplink) that will contain your account data to make sure you get a percent of the proceeds if someone clicks through to buy a product you have recommended.

Promoting Your Product

You will want to focus on providing more than just an affiliate link for your visitors to click on. You will want to pre-sell the item, basically convince them why a certain product should be bought. This is usually the stage that separates the strong from the weak. Remember - content is key - you will need to sound like you are engaged and satisfied with the product you are promoting. (You may want to look up reviews written by others and get some opinions that you can write about.)

Remember to be a normal person when promoting a product. Don't write reviews like - BUY MY AUTO PARTS FROM MY SITE NOW!!!!. Yes it catches the eye, but people will not have trust in a person who seems like they might be crazy. Keep your reviews fairly laid back, and the less obvious it is that you are a sales person, the more sales you will make in the long run.

Anyways...back to ClickBank...

When starting with ClickBank you should immediately familiarize yourself with the site and get to know how it all works. Once you know your way around, begin your research and pick out a few products that you have interest in promoting. Results will not come in immediately but overtime, you will begin to see increasing sales.

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