Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to get referrals

In PTC sites, the main earning of a registered member depends upon referrals. Different PTC sites have different formats for their referrals. The information given below will illustrate that what are referrals, how they work and how to get them.

What is referral?

A register member in ptc sites who works and earns for you as well as for himself. There are two types of referrals:
 -direct referral
 -rented referral

Direct referral:

A person who registers himself in a paid to click site using someone's referral link. A direct referral is free of cost and for infinite time. When you have a direct referral, you don't need to invest any effort or money to maintain it. A direct referral is like a machine which runs without any fuel. Different users in different ptc sites have thousands of direct referrals and earning hundreds of dollars week with out any effort and investment. In 24 hours, you just have to watch maximum 4 ads for a few minutes to receive income from your direct and rental referrals.

How to get direct referrals?

Direct referrals are some difficult to get but after some effort you will get direct referrals daily. There are many ways to get direct referrals. You can create a blog or website on free web host sites. Put your referral links of your different ptc sites in your blog or website. Now you have a forum to collect direct referrals but the main and important job is to publish your site on different channels to increase the traffic. When you have traffic on your site you will get more and more direct referrals with guaranty. Publishing your link site is also easy due to these ptc sites because these sites provides you a forum to publish your link. Advertisements on these sites is cheap and affordable. When you have sufficient balance in your main balance in these sites you can rotate your banner linked with your user name. You can also rotate your site direct on these sites to get more and more views as well as direct referrals. Share your link on FaceBook, Twitter etc. Convince your FaceBook, Twitter and other social media friends to become your direct referrals. Upload your video link on Youtube and other medias. You can also use traffic exchange sites to promote your link.

You can also sale your direct referrals on a good price. Remember, put only trusted and high paying sites in your blog or site.

Rented referral:

A person who/she registers him/herself on these ptc sites without using any referral link. These referrals are the property of these sites and they rent these referrals to their members for 30 or above days. Therefore they are called rental referrals. These referrals are easy to get. After getting rental referrals you have to manage them. Different Ptc sites have different formats to manage their rental referrals but most of the features are same. Like
 -auto pay
 -extension etc

Auto pay is a most beneficial feature. If you rent a referral of $0.20 for 30 days and you want to increase its day then enable auto pay. When a referral make clicks for you, an auto pay of $0.007 will cut from your rental or main balance and one day of this referral will exceed. So in this way you can extend your referral more than 30 days and you don't need to rent another referral after 30 days. If your referral is going good in clicks and you want to increase its day then extend it.
 If your referral is inactive for some days, you can recycle it with a low fees.

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